Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Doctor Who Challenge Finale -- The 12th Doctor

So, why did I decide to save only one question for my final post in the Doctor Who Challenge? Because, the question was this: 20 - What actor would you like to play the 12th Doctor? And I have been forming opinions on the subject ever since I felt I was qualified. So, here's my list -- twelve actors I think would be interesting to see as Twelve, in order of least to greatest. Complete of course, with irrelevant opinions, pretty pictures, and pros and cons... and it's absolutely (85%) fanciful. Enjoy!

12 - Simon Woods
33 year-old, five-eleven period drama hero.
Pros: The only reason I thought of Woods is because of his amazing ginger hair in Pride & Prejudice. The Doctor should have his dream -- and not in a half-way kind of way.
Cons: Based on this picture, the red hair wasn't totally real. So unless dyes came onto the scene, it would be half-way. Plus, I'm not sure he has the acting ability for The Doctor... unless you mean romantic and dramatic Doctor Harrison.

11 - Ewan McGregor
42 year-old 5' 9" Scottish Jedi Knight.
Pros: He has the hair, and the vibrant personality, the sense of style, and the acting range... especially the comedy.
Cons: Somehow I feel that his popularity is a con. Could he make his Doctor fresh, or would we just be watching a time traveling Obi-Wan? I imagine his Doctor would also be unbearably cheesy.

10 - Dan Stevens
30, 6-foot British Television hunk.
Pros: He (or at least most his characters) has a interesting, understated off-kilter kind of personality. He does the "awkward but sincere gentleman" very well, and he is very British.
Cons: I'd be worried about his abilities in the action/sci-fi side of the show. And that's pretty important.

9 - Rhys Ifans
46 year-old, six-two chameleon.
Pros: He's got the right face, definitely. You know, the kind that in first glance is weird, but then suddenly grows on you, and next thing you know the guy is actually handsome? A common trait with Doctors. He's also extremely quirky and funny.
Cons: He's too old isn't he? I realize that previous Doctors have been older, but that's not really the thing anymore. Younger audience -- younger actor. Instead, Ifans should just get more film roles; those suit his talents as a chameleon better anyway.

8 - Colin Morgan
Really old, six-foot mythical Irish wizard.
Pros: Watching him in Merlin I assumed he was in his early twenties, and once I found he is actually 27, my very next thought was, "he's old enough to be The Doctor then!" And now I can't get it out of my head. As far as I can tell he has all the necessary qualities, and I personally think he'd be a great, unique Doctor.
Cons: Yeah... there's that one little problem of him having been on Doctor Who before. Rats.

7 - Ben Whishaw
33, 5' 9", supplier of cool toys for 007.
Pros: Well... he's got the wild hair for it. I've only seen him in Skyfall, but based on that, I believe he would make a very interesting, deep Doctor. He has a quiet, but authoritative presence, and an understated sense of humor -- actually everything about him is wonderfully understated... except the hair. Also, I love his voice.
Cons: Since I haven't seen much of him, all this is even more speculative than usual -- I like the idea of him, but really, I have no idea. I could also imagine that his Doctor might be a bit underwhelming. And the hair... it's too much, isn't it?

6 - Jamie Bell
The 5' 7" 27 year-old redeeming factor of many terrible movies.
Pros: Obviously, he has the best hair so far, so I'm sold already. He's a very physical actor, so action is no problem, and neither would be comedy as long as sarcasm is okay -- he's great at that. Drama -- very good. Fast-talking -- of course. Bonus -- he's stylish.
Cons: He is rather short, but that's not a problem as long as all companions are as short as Clara. He also usually sticks to movies... but get this: He's Tintin, the sequel is coming soon, and guess who is a writer for those movies? Steven Moffat!

 5 - Laurence Fox
Very sensitive Detective Sergeant. 6' 3" thirty-five.
Pros: He's married to Billie Piper, so that pretty much makes him The Doctor already. His looks are perfect for The Doctor (except not ginger) -- unique, odd, but still handsome. Based on his DS Hathaway, you'd think he'd be too mellow for The Doctor, but I read he's actually pretty quirky and upbeat, so really, pluses all around.
Cons: I also read that there's no "Inspector Hathaway" series in the works because he's looking to do more films. In America. A cover story?

4 - Benedict Cumberbatch
37, 6-foot, the universe's only consulting detective.
Pros: Naturally ginger; naturally awesome. He looks like an otter. (yes, that's definitely a pro!) He's a true artist at fast-talking, and equally great at any kind of humor, drama or action. In short, amazingly talented. So much so that...
Cons: ...Doctor Who would actually waste his talents. Then there's that little matter of him actually stating that he wasn't interested in playing The Doctor. Solution: He's The Master. Anyway, I wouldn't want Sherlock and The Doctor to be the same person; I need variety in my obsessions.


3 - Rupert Grint
24, 5' 8"; Most ginger ginger ever.
Pros: Look at him. Stop reading and look. ... That's what The Doctor wants to look like, and you know it. I have actually never seen "Harry Potter" but I saw Grint in this brilliant action comedy "Wild Target" and loved him in it. He was goofy and witty and awkward and endearing and oh-so-likable. And oh, did I mention GINGER?
Cons: At twenty-four, he is a bit too young. Perhaps the 13th Doctor will be the ginger one? (hint hint) That would give Grint time to separate himself from that "Weasley" guy too.

2 - Tom Hiddleston
6-foot-2, 32 year-old extremely charismatic god of mischief.
Pros: Charming, lighthearted personality, talented in every genre, classic British gentleman looks, authoritative presence... Hiddleston fits all usual requirements for The Doctor with perfect ease. Like many other guys, just... better. He stands out even more though, in one area I've previously left unconsidered: he respects his fans. He's always patient and gentlemanly, and those are qualities The Doctor should have off screen as well. Practically perfect in every way, and my no-brain-er top choice for this wish list.
Cons: Like Cumberbatch, I fear Doctor Who would waste his acting talents. Still, he is my ideal Doctor.

1 - The Unknown Actor
Height: Adorable. Age: Awesome. The guy born to be the 12th Doctor.
Pros: Now I'll be realistic, and really (realistically) this is the very best choice. An unknown. (Or at least someone you'd need to dig around to find.) This guy is something none of the previous of this list are; fresh. Any known actor is too safe, but a new actor will be bold and original and exciting and mysterious -- just like the show! Yes ladies and gentlemen, somewhere out there is the perfect 12th, and in Moffat I have an appropriate amount of trust.
Cons: Everyone will hate him at first. But no worries; we'll adore and love him like the crazed fans we all are later.

So there you have it -- thanks for bearing with me for all this completely pointless but absolutely fun Doctor Who silliness! Who did I forget? Who did I get totally wrong? I'd love to hear your input! If you missed my previous parts of this challenge, here they are: Part I, Part II, and Part III. And for even more fun, if you were to click here, you would find yourself reading one of the audition scripts for the Twelfth Doctor -- very helpful for imagining how your favorite actor might sound as Twelve!


  1. Our lists are extremely similar, I actually wrote a post about who should be the new Doctor last month (link below if you are interested). Hiddleston and an unknown actor are also my top two choices. Hiddleston could possibly be the nest Doctor ever. Cumberbatch was also my choice for the Master, he would be the villain ever for sure. As for Grint, I think he is far too young and from what I have seen of him all the Harry Potter films, he does not have the right personality. Ifans and Whishaw are also some of my preferred alternatives.

    I am glad that you are hoping for a female Doctor, to me that would be just too weird and not faithful to the Doctor's history.


    1. Hiddleston does seem to be a very popular choice amongst fans, but it's no surprise; he would be beyond amazing. If I thought it was actually possible, I might go crazy hoping. Cumberbatch could be a great Doctor too if he wanted, but an even better Master... with Hiddles as The Doctor... the world would explode from awesomeness. With Grint, I was basing everything on just one movie, and the hair of course, and yeah he is too young. Ifans would be great I think.

      Nope, no female Doctor for me, it's weird and completely and totally pointless!

  2. Sorry I'm a bit late in commenting!

    These were all really great choices! But by far the best choice was Tom Hiddleston. And Colin Morgan would have been a really cool Doctor. I'm okay with who they chose to play the 12th Doctor in the end, but I still wish Tom Hiddleston or Colin Morgan could have been chosen to play the Doctor. Thanks so much for doing the challenge! I enjoyed reading your answers to all of the questions. :)

    1. Thanks! I am too, but I definitely would have been excited if he had been one of my picks. Anyway, it's not too late for them -- at the casting of Capaldi this became my wish-list for the 13th Doctor! ;) I had a bunch of fun doing it, so thanks to you for starting it and tagging me! :)