Sunday, July 28, 2013

Doctor Who Challenge Part III

Next to last post for the Doctor Who Challenge -- questions 12 through 19. And we're off!

12 - Funniest moments?
Really, way too many to even count, so, here's one. Anytime Eleven is embarrassed is usually hilarious.

13 - Moments that made you cry?
Not many of those -- I'm not a big crier. And when I do, it's more because of overwhelmingly happy things instead of actual sad things. I definitely welled up at the end of Vincent and the Doctor, when they bring him to the art museum, and Bill Nighy is monologue-ing about how Van Gogh was the greatest painter of all time. And then also when The Doctor and Amy come back, and Amy finds that they did change one other thing... It's happy in a sad way, and so sweet!

14 - Saddest episode?
"The End of Time Part II" when my beloved Ten regenerates.
Ten: "I don't want to go!"
Me: "NOO, I don't want you to go either!! You're my favorite!"
Eleven: "Oh, I've still got legs!" Etc...
Me: "YAY, Eleven! My favorite!!"
So, not too sad then... I also found "A Christmas Carol" to be very sad and good.

15 - Favorite friendship?
Ten and Donna comes immediately to mind. They banter like there's no tomorrow, and look like they're having a blast with it. They have a special kind of chemistry you can't fake, and a relationship like that that never turns romantic is always highly appreciated by me. This is as close to romance they ever get:

16 - Favorite couple?
Oh, I have many, many of those. I am a girl after all!


The one constant in Doctor Who; The Doctor and his TARDIS. True love.
17 - Favorite actor?
Favorite actor... this is difficult. I can't even choose who my favorite actor in general is! How about this; I'll limit it to guest stars -- some of my favorite actors guest-starring on Doctor Who!

Colin Morgan, aka Merlin, being all dark in "Midnight."
Andrew Garfield (the latest in the role of Spider-Man) had a sweet character in a two-part-er!
Ferb of Phineas and Ferb, anyone? Thomas Brodie-Sangster also got a two-part-er.
Hugh Bonneville being all Pirate-y in that pirate episode, "Curse of the Black Spot"

18 - Favorite actress?
I'll do the same for the ladies.

Carey Mulligan, one of my all-time favorite actresses as the gorgeous girl, Sally Sparrow.
Felicity Jones in "The Unicorn and the Wasp" She also starred along with Mulligan in Northanger Abbey.
Daisy Haggard being sweet as Sophie in "The Lodger." In Sense and Sensibility, she shows she can be impressively annoying as well.

19 - Favorite writer?
Well, based on my favorite episodes, I have to say Moffat, and suppose that's true, even though he is mean to us poor fans sometimes. (Ha, sometimes!) When he took over, the show improved dramatically, but he writes so many episodes, and they're not all my favorites. I also enjoy episodes by Mark Gatiss, and all (two) of Neil Cross' episodes.

Be sure to check back in two days for the FINALE, and the last question! Allons-y!


  1. Hahaha! Great scene for funniest moment, "The Doctor's Wife" is one of my many favorite episodes from Elven. Also that scene with Donna was brilliant: "I must do that more often."

    Andrew Garfield was in Doctor Who!? Why did I not know this before? He was an amazing Spider-Man!

    I am glad that you like Moffat too, all of the Moffat haters really make me mad sometimes.


  2. Thanks!

    Yeah! He was in "Daleks in Manhattan"/"Evolution of the Daleks" and he was great. I agree, he makes a great Spidey. Haha, he was literally the Amazing Spider-Man!

    Wow, I didn't realize there were actually Moffat haters... he likes to play with fans emotions, but really, where would Doctor Who and Sherlock be without him?

    1. Sorry, I couldn't resist such an amazing opportunity for an amazing pun!

      Actually, there are many of supposed "fans" (mostly classic Who and Tennant fans) that absolutely despise what Moffat has done in the last three seasons in terms of writing quality. Also there are a lot of River Song haters and Matt Smith haters, but I believe Smith might be the most mainstream popular of any Doctor.


  3. I love the scene you picked for one of the funniest moments – the part where Eleven goes, “Oh…still shut up!”, always makes me laugh. I don’t cry very easily either, but the ending of "Vincent and the Doctor" definitely made me cry.

    Ten and Donna’s relationship is so refreshing because it isn’t a romantic one. I love their friendship. :)

    I never recognized Merlin until now! And when I saw Andrew Garfield I immediately recognized him as Spider-Man. I thought he was great in The Amazing Spider-Man. I was happy to see Hugh Bonneville in Curse of the Black Spot, as well. Oh, and then there’s Carey Mulligan! I didn’t know her when I first watched Blink, but I know her now having seen The Great Gatsby. :D

    To be honest, I completely agree with you that Doctor Who has improved a lot under the hand of Moffat. He’s a great writer. Sometimes I'm pretty much convinced he's a genius!

    1. Thanks, it's one of MANY favorites. :) Yeah, the end of "Vincent and the Doctor" was just pure awesome.

      I'm glad you have the same opinion about Ten and Donna -- it is definitely refreshing.

      Oh really? I'd actually only heard of Merlin but after I saw "midnight" I was suddenly really interested in getting into Merlin too. And not long after that we did. :D Yeah Garfield is a great Spidey, and I love Hugh Bonneville in anything! And Carey Mulligan... a perfect Daisy.

      I'm glad you also agree about Moffat -- he certainly does have major strokes of genius!

  4. My Doctor Who OTPs are Eleven/River, Amy/Rory, Sally Sparrow/Larry Nightingale (not that I didn't feel sorry for Billy but I find Larry hilarious), Alec/Emma and the Doctor (all the Doctors)/TARDIS.

    I was going to name some of my favourite DW guest stars but as I was typing I realised that I have far too many to list them all here!

    My favourite writer is Steven Moffat but I also really love Robert Holmes. He's written almost all of the Classic Who serials that I've seen and he was a phenomenal writer. I also really loved Paul Cornell's episodes on the show and I really wish that he could have written a story for the 11th Doctor. I also think that Toby Whithouse is one of the most consistent writers for DW. He'd be my next choice for the showrunner when Moffat eventually steps down.

    1. Oh yeah, Sally and Larry were great together too, I should have mentioned them!

      Haha, I know what you mean, there are SO many, I'm sure I left out a bunch of great names!

      Same goes for the writers. Besides Moffat I'm only just beginning to really pay attention to them.