Friday, July 26, 2013

Doctor Who Challenge Part II

 Continuing on with the the Doctor Who Tag Challenge! Questions 6 through 11!

6 - Favorite Doctors?
Ten and Eleven. Separately and equally. Reasons? Well, hair, obviously. Bowties... Converses... and awesomeness. I love the way Eleven looks down at people when he's being serious, and the way Ten jumps over things... yep. 

So obviously, I'm a little excited for the 50th anniversary special.

7 - Favorite companions?
I will always have a fondness for my first companions, Amy and Rory. They're in most of my favorite episodes, and work great with The Doctor. One thing I particularly like about them is that they're married for most of the time, so you don't have to wonder about possible romance. It's already there.

You gotta love the Ponds.

But you know... this new girl, "Clara" is growing on me extremely quickly...

I can't help it; she's too adorable!
I'm excitedly looking forward to lots more of her. 

8 - Least favorite companions? 
Oh, hard one. While most of my least favorite episodes are ones with Rose, I still like her a bunch. Donna's great because she has amazing (non-romantic) chemistry with The Doctor. Martha may be the closest out of the main companions, but I still like her, so I'm gonna say Jackie Tyler. Slightly obscure, but she really does annoy me sometimes.
Second place goes to Sarah Jane. I'm sure I wouldn't mind her with her original Doctor, but I don't like her with Ten.

9 - Characters you relate to most? 
I think because I watched all of Eleven and then went back to watch Ten, River's story really resonates with me. Because I watched her relationship with The Doctor more or less from her timeline. She's an amazing character in a very sad predicament.

"Hello, sweetie."

I also feel for Rory, who married way out of his league, and then has to follow his wife around on crazy adventures with some cool dude who owns a time machine. How do you compete with that? Maybe by guarding her for two thousand years? Rory may not realize it, but he is super awesome. 

So... I don't always die... but when I do... I don't?

10 - Favorite villains and villains that frightened you most? 
They are one and the same -- the more frightening they are, the more I like them.
First, the Weeping Angels. Don't blink! But at least they kill you nicely. Most of the time...

Second, the Silence. If you can't see them, you can't remember them, and when you can see them it's just as scary. Wonderful.

And third, Vashta Nerada. And I didn't like the dark before these guys came along...

11 - Least favorite villains?
Definitely, what I have dubbed "weird Daleks." Normal, classic Daleks are fine, but when they start going crazy and mixing with humans or other strange things... they're pushing the envelope towards campy.

I mean, I realize they have no concept of beauty, but really, this is too much.

Stay tuned! Part III coming in two days!


  1. Yes! Someone else who likes Ten and Elven! Those are basically tied as my favorite too. If I had to choose, I would give a slight edge Elven.

    You have the exact same opinion as I do about favorite companion, Amy and Rory are my favorite and Clara has really grown on me.

    The Weeping Angels are definitely the creepiest villains and my favorite, "Blink" is one of my favorite episodes for sure.


  2. Yes, I love them! I'd probably give an edge to Eleven too if I really had to choose, but... since I don't...!

    Clara's well on her way to being my favorite companion. I'm so excited to see how she works with the 12th Doctor too.

    Absolutely. Totally agree.

  3. I love Ten and Eleven too! Converses and bow ties are cool. But if I had to choose between the two, it would be Eleven.

    I also love the Ponds! They’re my favorite companions besides Donna, River (although she’s not an ordinary companion, being the Doctor’s wife), and Sarah Jane Smith. I find it refreshing that the viewers don’t have to worry about there possibly being a romance between Rory and Amy, since they’re already together. I’m not exactly sure whether I like Clara or not. I just find her less interesting than the Ponds. But the actress who plays her is very nice and really talented. I’m glad she’s growing on you quickly. I don’t mind Jackie Tyler so much, but I think I can see why she may annoy you at times. I actually liked Sarah Jane with Ten, but she does go better with the fourth Doctor. Tom Baker’s Doctor and Sarah Jane work together really well.

    I also love River Song and Rory…poor Rory. XD But he’s definitely awesome. The Weeping Angels and the Silence are fantastic villains. They’re really creepy and so creative. I totally agree with you about the weird Daleks…they annoy me to no end.

  4. I feel that I should clarify what I meant when I said that I find Clara to be less interesting than the Ponds - I actually find Clara to be quite interesting in regard to her complex story line, but I find her character less interesting than the characters of Amy Pond, Rory Williams, and River Song/Melody Pond.

    1. I'm glad you agree about Ten and Eleven and the Ponds! I love River too, but you're right, she doesn't count as a ordinary companion, but still!

      I know what you mean about Clara's character not being as interesting as the Ponds, she does seem like a pretty typical companion. So hopefully they'll develop her character more in the future. They haven't had much of a chance to so far! And when/if they do, she may become my favorite companion -- I think she has lot of potential!

      I bet once I've watched the older series and Four, I'll appreciate Sarah Jane more. Right now I feel like she's trying to steal Ten, and she's had her turn already. :P Poor, poor, awesome Rory! Love him. I'm glad you agree about the weird Daleks! They drive me crazy...

  5. I was a huge fan of Ten and I never thought that there could be another Doctor that I'd love as much - but Eleven completely proved me wrong! If I HAD to choose a favourite Doctor I'd pick Eleven now.

    As for the companions, Donna and the Ponds are definitely my favourites but I do like Martha and Clara. The only companion that I really dislike is Rose. Yeah I know a lot of fans love her but not me. I really wish it was Donna who was coming back for the 50th anniversary!

    Also, although they're not official companions I LOVE River Song and Wilfred Mott!

    I completely agree with you about your favourite DW villains! Steven Moffat is so brilliant at creating frightening monsters!

    I don't know about you but I've been thinking that it would be really cool if Moffat brought back The Master in the next series. I wasn't a huge fan of John Simm's Master - he was too zany and OTT - but I'd really like to see a much scarier and more menacing take on the character. And we haven't seen the Master in quite a while so it's not like he's an overused villain like the Daleks.

    1. I don't think I could ever decide between them. My favorite is always just the one I'm watching at the time, so I wonder what my reaction to seeing them together is gonna be! Should be interesting.

      I like Rose. She's not my favorite, but I don't mind at all that she's coming back. Donna coming back would be awesome, but she's like, the only one they just CAN'T bring back... too bad.

      Oh yes, Wilfred is a great honorary companion! And Craig is like the "Wilfred" for Eleven. :D

      I think they should bring back The Master too! I'm sure they could do a great job with him now, especially if, like you say, he's more menacing. I've always thought Benedict Cumberbatch would make a great Master.

  6. Yeah I know a lot of fans do like Rose, including some of my friends. I don't judge people for liking Rose. I just don't understand WHY : D She was pretty awful to her mother and Mickey (even Billie Piper once admitted this). She was rude and bitchy to Sarah Jane and Martha. She could be really whiny at times. She actually accepted the Human Doctor in place of the real one (which I can't see River Song doing at all!) Also some of the Rose fans do annoy me. Not all of them! You're obviously great! :D Just those fans who say really nasty, awful things about Martha, Reinette and River Song. I admit that Rose did have SOME good moments on the show though and I think Billie Piper had great chemistry with Christopher Eccleston. David Tennant had more chemistry with Catherine Tate imo. I still think Donna could have come back if they'd just used a pre Journey's End Donna but oh well. I have faith in Moffat so I'm still pretty excited about the 50th. How are you planning on seeing it BTW? At home or at the movies?

    Craig's great and I love The Lodger. That's such an underrated episode I think. I don't know why because Matt Smith's hilarious in it!

    Oh Benedict Cumberbatch would make a magnificent Master! I would love him to do it! I doubt he would want to but he would be so amazing!

    1. Yeah I totally understand that, and out of all the main companions (as far as I've seen) she does annoy me the most. I just like her for all the good things about her. Although it doesn't bother me at all that she settled for the human Doctor. He was still the Doctor after all, and since it was impossible for her to be with the real one, I found that to be perfectly acceptable, and pretty romantic. Especially since that Doctor would be able to grow old with her. But I understand where you're coming from. :) There is nothing better than Ten and Donna's chemistry together. I'll probably just see the 50th at home, but then again it would be a cool experience to see it at a theater with other fans! Which are you going to do?

  7. I chose to see it at home. I did consider the thought of seeing it at a movie theater for the novelty value of it but I really hate 3D movies and that put me off. And by watching it at home I get to wear my pyjamas :)