Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies -- main trailer!

No more of Pippin singing "Home is Behind" and teasing, lingering shots of grandeur -- the full trailer for The Battle of the five Armies is here, and it's non-stop fantasy action:

First of all: "These bats are bred for one purpose: for war!" -- Legolas. Hahahahaha. That was so hammy I feel like PJ is just making fun of us fans now. He's already won; he doesn't even need to pretend to try to make this movie better than or even as good as the previous two. He knows we're going to watch it no matter what, and I so am.

But, anyway, looking past all the dreaded additions made apparent in this trailer, I am certainly excited for this. I know the battles will be epic, but I hope the drama is done well too. The conflict between Thorin and Bilbo has tons of potential. The trailer does look promising on that score, (wow, Kili) so that's exciting.

And I want to see what they do with added characters, particularly Tauriel.

And I want to see more of Martin Freeman being Bilbo, cause when he's being Bilbo, he's being Bilbo like no one else.

(Spoiler Warning)
Then, of course, there's the little matter of Smaug, which is, of course, NOT AT ALL A LITTLE MATTER, AND I'M DYING TO SEE IT. I seriously worry that after Smaug's death everything after will "savor of anticlimax" as Fitzgerald says. Actually, I have a prediction about this -- I predict that Bard will try to use the last Black Arrow on Smaug but will miss, then will use a regular arrow and the knowledge of his one missing scale to kill him. It'd be more similar to the book that way, and would make Bard look awesome. I mean, more awesome.
(End Spoilers)

Oh, I just want to see it now so I can stop worrying about it not being as good as the first two... even though when I think about it, it's unlikely that it'll be anything but just like them: a mixed bag of incredibly awesome realizations of the wonderful novel, and mildly annoying Jackson additions.

Can't. Wait.

Thoughts on the trailer? How excited are you for the final Hobbit chapter? Leave a comment!


  1. I am SO excited!!!

    - Ha ha! Yes, that line *is* undeniably hammy but then it's a very Legolas line! You know "the horses are restless", "a diversion". Quite frankly I'd be disappointed if Legolas didn't get a bad line or two in this movie :D

    - That shot of Thorin and Kili with their foreheads touching. The feels!

    - I'm probably going to have to do a post about this myself :)

    1. Haha, yep, he has to have his signature Captain Obvious lines, it would just be strange without them! Why bats though.... oh why....? :P

      Yeah, that's a big one, especially considering the spoilers that happen later! Oh my goodness.

      If you do... I will read it. :D

    2. I thought that about the bats too but apparently The Silmarillion mentions Sauron keeping were-bats as pets - not that I remember! - and Peter Jackson really wanted to bring some new creatures into The Hobbit so that's why they're there. *shrugs* I'll reserve judgement on the bats until I've seen the movie but I don't think I'll mind them.

      I wouldn't get too excited about my post! It will be just the trailer and a little paragraph :)

    3. Oh okay, if they are an actual Middle-Earth creature then that makes it a lot better! I was just assuming, since they weren't in The Hobbit book, that they were simply a pointless whim of PJ's... so thanks for that, I feel slightly more optimistic now. :)

      Haha, okay!

  2. So looking forward to this! It does look spectacular. I so want to get into making movies. (I think it'd be cool to work with the Erwin Brothers, the people who made October Baby. They recently came out with Mom's Night Out, and are doing Woodlawn right now--I think that will be their best yet). And that's an interesting speculation--that Bard will use a normal arrow and a missing scale! Very ingenious. I'd love it if they did that. I'm so torn about this movie. I want to see it so badly, but I know the whole thing will be over after it. It's been a beautiful few years. I wondered what it was like to be a Lotr fan and be there for the making of the movies, and this was a good taste. The movies introduced Lotr to me.

    Man--so looking forward to this for a great number of reasons!

    1. Me too! Yeah, I've always thought that making movies is probably one of the best jobs a person could have. Every aspect of it is so neat! I haven't seen them, but I heard those two movies were very good, and I'd like to. Didn't know they were made by the same people, but that makes sense!

      Thanks! I would be very happy if it happens how I predict, but I'm sure I'll be happy anyway. :D I know, it's very bittersweet, isn't it? I became a LotR fan after they came out too, and it has been a lot of fun with the Hobbit films, anticipating them, getting excited over trailers, and midnight premiers and such. :D I'm gonna miss it too.

      Thanks for the comment, Elora!