Monday, October 27, 2014

Benedict Cumberbatch is Doctor Strange!

I guess since everyone's saying "final talks" that means it's not official yet, but we knew it had to happen eventually -- Benedict Cumberbatch has just joined the Marvel universe!

He does look like him!

Now, basically everything I know about Doctor Strange is only what can be skimmed off the top of a Wiki page, so I can't and will not attempt to judge this casting, but I also have no speck of a reason to doubt Marvel, and I have to say seeing Cumberbatch as a superhero is such a cool idea that it seems impossible. So I'm happy.

Again I don't know much about this character, but by the casting, and the other actors that were eyed for the role -- most notably Joaquin Phoenix, and even Tom Hardy and Jared Leto according to this site -- it seems to me that this will be very much an intense/complex/dark character that requires a good character actor to pull it off. If that's true it's very interesting to me because Marvel seems to be exploring new territory, and we all know that leads to good things!

No film date yet (I mean it's not even official yet!) but apparently we can expect Cumberbatch to be suited up and all magical-y sometime in 2016. Looking forward to that, and his eventual teaming up with the Avengers!

Benedict is obviously pleased -- Black Widow and Hulk less so -- and hey-- Steven Moffat, why are you Thor?

Leave a comment and weigh in with your thoughts! Especially if you know the character and have an opinion on how he should be portrayed!


  1. Really hoping this is true!

    (Hey, that's the same giant cardboard cutout of Thor that I have! Only I have mine way up high where no one can stand in front of him. The nerve of some people!)

    Also, I tagged you here. Play if you like.

    1. Yeah, hopefully it doesn't fall through like it did with Joaquin Phoenix!

      Haha, nice. :D

  2. *clears throat*