Friday, September 25, 2015

Anticipating The Martian

Okay, so I'll admit: the first time I saw the trailer for The Martian, I wasn't too impressed. It looked to me to be another Gravity which I consider to be one of the most annoying, contrived, grossly overrated movies of all time. I am not exaggerating. Read my review if you doubt me.

Fortunately, The Martian had just enough publicity going on around it to not let me forget about it, and eventually I discovered that it was based on a book. (Written by Andy Weir.) That changed my first judgment because I seriously doubted that anyone could write a book as bad as Gravity, and then even if they did no one would want to make it a movie. I found recommendations for the novel, saying that it was good, that it was gripping, and that it was realistic. I believe it was the last bit that sealed the deal for me. I bought the book at my first opportunity, and immediately... held on to it for two and a half weeks. I had just started another book, and I can't read two books at once. I hurried through the other book way faster than I would have otherwise, and very often glanced longingly at the striking orange cover of The Martian as it sat on the corner of my desk.

It surprised me how much I had flip-flopped. One day I wasn't even interested enough in the movie to think that I might want to see it in theaters, the next I was too anxious to know how the story went to even wait for the movie's release. But it really is simple: I decided that I wanted to be interested, and then I was. I gave my capacity for anticipation full range, and it ran wild. After buying the book I avoided spoilers from the movie like the plague, so I could enjoy the novel's twists as much as possible. And after I finally finished the 10-hour-read, The Romance of the Forest, I gave myself a few days off to cleanse my reading-palate (it's a thing) and then got started. I should have waited longer, because I finished in four days (it was 8 1/2 hours of reading time) and now I'm dying to see this movie that is releasing a week from today. I might not last that long.

I wanted to take all -- or at least most -- of the eleven days I gave myself to read so I could take my time and savor it, but as it goes with gripping books, I really just couldn't put it down. I when I had to I just spent all my time thinking about it, and gushing to my (annoyingly only-mildly-interested) family.

I won't go into spoilery details, but the book was downright incredible. I've never read anything like it. First of all it had more profanity in it than all the other books I've ever read combined (though that's really not a hard feat) but I was able to forgive that easily. Probably because of how realistic it was. Oh my goodness, it was so realistic. Math, physics, electronics, etc, etc, were all thoroughly explained. I admit I didn't understand some of it, but it all made sense, if you know what I mean. Besides that, it was extremely well-written with a very unique style, great humor and a great sense of action and excitement. And it was full of many, many, fantastic characters, which I didn't expect with it being about one man alone on Mars. I loved every second of the 8 hours and 30 mins it took me to get to the end.

And now it's movie time. I remembered from the trailer that Matt Damon was in the lead as Mark Watney, and also that Jessica Chastain and Michael Pena were in the cast. It was easy enough to guess who they were playing (and they absolutely perfect fyi). But I just looked at the whole cast list and who everyone is playing, and with each name I got more and more excited: "Chiwetel Ejiofor? Perfect. Jeff Daniels? Alright! Kate Mara? Right, totally! Kristen Wiig? Ohhh, yes! Wait a minute, Sean Bean???? YES! He's exactly Sean Bean! And what? Sebastian Stan? Did that say Sebastian Stan?!?!? OH MY GOSH THIS CAST IS AMAZING!"

And, also, you know.... Ridley Scott is directing.

I adored this book. It is currently my favorite book, though once my excitement over it settles it'll likely land at number two. And today marks the beginning of my week-long wait to see it in movie format. I'll try not to get my hopes up too high. I'm sure they'll have to at least leave some things out, after all. But if I'm honest with myself, my hopes and expectations have already gathered up all my excitement into a huge rocket and blasted off toward the skies. Mars, here I come.

The Martian opens on Oct. 2nd, and currently sits at a very promising 93% on Rotten Tomatoes!

Have you read The Martian? Are you planning on seeing the movie? How excited for it are you, and what are you expecting? Let me know in the comments!


  1. You've convinced me I must read this book. It sounds amazing! Great post!

    1. Do! I'd honestly be very surprised if you didn't love it. Thanks Jamie!!

  2. When I heard of it originally and read the synopsis on IMDb I thought it sounded like Gravity and wasn't interested 'cause I didn't like that one either. But then I watched the trailer and now I'm looking forward to it. It looks like it could be really great, and Matt Damon is awesome. I didn't know it's based on a book, that's cool. :)

    1. You too, huh? Good thing we both got past our prejudgements of it, it's really looking like it's gonna be a great movie! If it's anything like the book, it absolutely will be. And Matt Damon is awesome! And a perfect choice to play this character. I can't wait to see it all play out on screen! :D

  3. Wait... I... what... Sean Bean? Okay, I was wanting to see this before, but now I NEED to see it. I do want to read the book too, as I've heard so many good things about it.

    1. I know! I saw it last night, and he's not in it a lot but he's really good. There's one or two really good spots... ;) Everybody's really good, but really you have to watch it for Matt Damon more than everyone else, ya know? It's awesome, btw, so see it! And read the book, cause it's even more awesome than the movie!! :D

    2. I saw it this morning, and really dug it. Especially Matt Damon, who i adore anyway.

      Did you bust up over the Council of Elrond thing? Because I laughed aloud quite merrily and loudly there, with Sean Bean sitting at the table looking sorta smirky, and no one else in my theater laughed there at all. Then they laughed at Jeff Daniels' Glorfindel line. Sigh.

      I really want to read the book! Bumping it way up on my list.

    3. Yay! I know, and I think Watney may be my favorite character of his.

      Yes! Okay, but I actually re-read the book again after writing this post and before seeing the movie, so I knew who Sean was playing and that scene was exactly the same in the book. So I had a nice laugh and fangirl moment then, and then was very very happy when they included it in the movie too. :D Ugh, people just don't understand the neatness of that moment! My theater was even with the reactions, but seriously, Sean Bean's bit was the best.

      Awesome, I hope you love it! And are you going to review the movie?

    4. Jason Bourne still ties with James Granger (Monuments Men) for my fave MD characters, but Watney was absolutely awesome too.

      I was wondering if that scene was in the book, because I was like, "If I'd written that book and that scene was in it, and if I had any input at all in casting the movie, I would have been all, 'You have to get Sean Bean or someone else from FOTR to be in this scene.'"

      I'm hoping/planning to review it tomorrow.

    5. Oo, Monuments Men. He's good in that? I guess I should see it!

      I feel like it was just a really great coincidence, but I totally would have been like that too. Cool things like that just make me so happy!

      Ha, you even beat me, and I had a day head start! Going to read it now!

    6. Oh my goodness, he is WONDERFUL in Monuments Men. I love the whole movie, but his character is my favorite. He's smart, honorable, brave -- everything I like in a character.