Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Upcoming Movie Roundup - July

In June I got out to see Jurassic World (review), and it was every bit as awesome as I wanted and expected it to be. I also saw a May movie, when Far From the Madding Crowd (review) finally showed up at a theater near me. And as to how much I liked it -- I'm in the middle of reading the novel now.

July is chock-full of movies -- as it should be -- and contains at least two must-sees for me! What movies are your must-sees this month?

Terminator Genisys
July1st; PG-13
This one, the newest attempt at reviving the Terminator franchise, released today, so based on critic reviews, I have a pretty good idea of what to think. I'm thinking I'm going to wait for the rental. Spending any more money on it would be a waste according to the pretty terribly sad 26% on RT. The fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger is back for this one is a plus, but I don't like that Anton Yelchin's Kyle Reese was traded in for that dull hunk Jai Courtney. Jason Clark could be cool as John Connor, and I hear Matt Smith is in it, but have yet to see any evidence. And if the twist that appears to be revealed in this trailer really is the twist it appears to be, then I'm thinking I'm going to be feeling more annoyed and confused than excited while watching it.

July7th (limited); NR
In a lot of ways this movie looks pretty cliched. Humans, "destroying" the earth get booted out of control by an AI that "knows better" but is really evil and the bad guy. But, who knows, maybe this movie will be the one that finally perfects that plot by being more than it appears to be by the trailer, and then those cliches can be put to rest. Or, maybe it'll be exactly what it seems -- all the cliches, sci-fi action coolness and romance and everything. I still might very well be interested.

July 10th; PG-13
This is the big, mainstream, non sequel or franchise sci-fi movie of the month, so I kinda have doubts of how profound it will actually be, but this trailer certainly does promise lots of things. Ryan Reynolds stars as a dying billionaire (Ben Kingsley) who gets a new body so that his mind can live longer. Complications and mystery ensue. At least, I really really hope mystery ensues. And I hope it's really really complicated too -- in a smart way of course. In all likelihood though, I'm dreaming. Ryan Reynolds certainly doesn't inspire too much faith on that score. I'll be keeping an eye on reviews for this one.

What We Did on Our Holiday
July 10th(limited); PG-13
David Tennant and Rosamund Pike in a British comedy. Done. It looks totally silly and cutesy and light and airy, but I'm fairly sure that there's nothing it could do that would keep me from wanting to see it, or from enjoying at least some of it once I do. The only real question here is "when?"

July 17th; PG-13
The "when?" for this one is easy: as soon as possible. Ant-Man is my first must-see for this month, which isn't really a surprise considering it's a Marvel movie. Paul Rudd is Ant-Man, Corey Stoll is the villain, Evangeline Lily is there; Michael Douglas, Judy Greer, Michael Pena, and the list goes on and on. I've witnessed others doubting this one (my brother included) but I have a feeling about, like the feeling I had before Guardians of the Galaxy released, and I'm dying to see if I'm right about it. I don't expect it to be as good as GotG of course, but I plan on liking it. A lot. Even if it turns out to be a letdown in terms of Marvel movies, I'm sure I'll still will enjoy it, but, I'm planning on it not being a letdown, but another unexpected surprise, hilarious, epic, fun, and a unique success. Very, very, very highly anticipating this wildcard!

Mr. Holmes
July 17th(limited); PG
Unfortunately this one's not sparking interest with me. I'm sure Ian McKellen does a great job as an aged Sherlock Holmes, and the trailer absolutely looks like a well-made film in every way. But it also looks like the kind of movie I would never really bother to watch. Too sentimental and grit-less perhaps. And why would I want to see all of Holmes' mind-blowing traits and defining skills be debunked? Maybe I'll be wrong and suddenly grow some interest, but it's not happening yet.

Paper Towns
July 24th; PG-13
I certainly want to see this one eventually, but right now I can't imagine it being even close to the greatness of the book it's based on. Many of the thing I adored about the novel seems to be softened and smoothed down for the movie, and that will easily disappoint me. I'm also not sure I like the casting of Cara Delevingne for Margo. Though I do think Nat Wolff will be the perfect Q. And the story is ideal for a movie as long as they're not wimpy about it. Hopefully this one turns out even half a bold as the book, and maybe if I don't get my expectations up too high I'll enjoy it.

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation
July 31st; PG-13
No chance this one won't be thrilling! Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg, and Ving Rhames are back, and Alec Baldwin appears to be the bad guy. And the stunts have been dully taken up to the next notch, with Tom Cruise hanging on to the outside of an airplane as it takes off -- and you know it all real too because Cruise wouldn't do anything less! As far as I can tell the plot looks smart and fun, but honestly all my requirements for having a blast while watching this movie have already been met. Second must-see of the month of July!


  1. I am excited for Mr. Holmes. Mr. Holmes might be boring in parts, but I am an fan of both the original Sherlock Holmes stories as well as Ian McKellen. He was particularly good as Magneto and Gandalf. Hope this will be another feather in his cap.


    PS: Thanks for following my blog. I hope you will enjoy my posts.

    1. It does seem like it will be a very well-made and well-acted movie. I don't see how it could possibly not be! It just doesn't seem like the kind of movie I'd really love. I hope you'll enjoy it!

      Sure, and thank you for the follow as well! :)

  2. Seeing many of these will be a "must" though likely most on DVD. Ant-Man looks sillier than the average Marvel, but it still promises to be lots of fun. Either way, I cannot wait to see it. Hope you enjoy, Sarah. :)

    1. Yeah, most of them I definitely want to see eventually, depending on their quality. I hoping that Ant-Man's silliness will be one of the things that sets it apart and makes it worthwhile. I'm sure I will, thanks!

  3. The only real reason I'd want to see Terminator is for Matt Smith, but I've heard his role is pretty small...Self/Less looks like it could be interesting, but I've mostly got doubts about it...the trailer for What We Did on Our Holiday had be laughing (David Tennant :D)...AntMan = MARVEL = yes...Mr Holmes -- I'm surprised it's PG, I'd been assuming it'd be PG-13. I want to want to see it, if you know what I mean, for Ian McKellen and for Holmes himself, but I'm not really interested in it yet...MI5 -- those movies are always fun and I'm sure I'll be seeing that one in theater. :)

    (Minions isn't on here?! ;))

    1. That's definitely my top reason too, but yeah, I imagine it is, since I never even saw a glimpse of him in any trailers. :P Self/Less is getting seriously disappointing reviews now, so I'm giving up on that now. I'll watch David Tennant in anything, so the movie looking good otherwise is just a nice plus. :D Right, right, totally... good math skills. :D I know what you mean, that really the only reason I mentioned it too. They are so fun! I'm looking forward to that very much!

      Hehehe, well, I guess I should have mentioned it, because I'm about as interested in it as I am in Mr. Holmes, but I'm just not a big Minion fan. I don't dislike them or anything, and they make for some very funny jokes, but I'm just not interested in seeing a whole movie about them, you know? Hmm, maybe I'm being a little prejudiced. :P