Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hollywood Hitmen

Hollywood Hitmen is a 30-minute, one-episode comedy web-series that you can watch on YouTube -- or just below, for your convenience -- about two L.A. based hitmen and their adventures of finding, keeping, and, well, executing jobs. Starring Agent Carter's Enver Gjokaj, and Maximilian Osinski.

Also created by them.

It's a bit like Joss Whedon's Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog in that it's not quite a TV show, but way more than just a YouTube sketch. It's also similar to Dr. Horrible in that it's totally hilarious and original. There are so many great jokes and gags packed into these thirty minutes. The sense of humor is light in tone (but sometimes dark in style) silly, very satirical, and the perfect amount of aware and self-deprecating. I could go on for paragraphs listing all my favorite moments, but that's probably not a good idea; just watch it and see for yourself.

If it were rated it would definitely get an R for a high language count, which was a negative for me, but the first and last of the whole thing. It was made over a weekend, the script was improvised, and everyone in it is obviously having a fantastic time, and it really comes out in the finished product, and rubs off infectiously.

Here it is: Hollywood Hitmen: 30 minutes of sharp, quick, funny fun!

Okay, I can't resist, so here are five favorite moments off the top of my head (Spoilers):

Pushing grass out of the way in slow-mo.

Asking directions in a disguised voice.

The "action movie" moment, complete with theatrical screen dimensions.

"To be continued... Right now."

Mexican standoff put on pause to talk about girls.

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