Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Upcoming Movie Roundup - April

In March all went according to plan, I saw my two movies, Cinderella and Insurgent (click to read my reviews) and while Cinderella was significantly the more magical, neither disappointed. We finally got a good month of film releases! But now, all the REALLY good movies have to wait for summer, (which, yes, starts in May for movies, because, Avengers) so it appears we are back to mediocre for poor little old April. This time my basic plan is: wait for May.

Is your plan the same as mine, or do you have April movie plans? Tell me in the comments!

Furious 7
April 3rd; PG-13
I saw number 6 of this franchise (because it was free and it had Luke Evans in it) with next to no background knowledge to help me and still enjoyed it's stylish over-the-top action-packed-ness very much. I have no current plans to see the whole franchise, but what with my brothers and I liking the fun ridiculousness of over-the-top action it seems very likely that I'll see this latest one eventually. Apparently it's the best yet, and a sweet farewell to Paul Walker.

The Longest Ride
April 10th; PG-13
Typically I'm not interested in any movie attached to Nicholas Sparks, but there always seems to be some small exception. In this case my mom read the book and claims it's his best ever. Her dream cast was Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pine (or was it Liam Hemsworth?) and instead they got some (cheaper, naturally) look-alikes. The trailer doesn't do anything good for it's chances, but I think the biggest deciding factor is if my mom's interested enough to get us to watch it, not me.

Broken Horses
April 10th; R
I always want to watch anything that has Anton Yelchin in it, (latest example) and so far it's never caused me disappointment. But this is certainly the kind of movie I wouldn't even include on this list if it weren't for his name being in the cast list. It looks dark, tense, violent and creepy. But I will be keeping my eye on it.

The Age of Adaline
April 24; PG-13
As if the Nicholas Sparks release wasn't enough -- there's also this sci-fi-ish romantic drama about a woman who never ages after an accident in the 30's. This one has me interested more though, for the style, the eras she will live through, and the intrigue of wanting to know how it all ends. Plus the trailer just makes it look like a more elegant, quality film. But I'm keeping my interest on hold until I see what the critics think. I doubt I'll consider it worth my time if it's just a bunch of drama that never goes anywhere except through eighty years.

Avengers: Age of Ultron
May 1st; PG-13
Yes, this one comes out in May, and I said I was waiting until May, but I just can't. Anyway, ideally, I'll see this movie before I actually post my May edition of this post series, so I thought I'd say my peace now, and then I can say some more later if I need to. Really, the only thing to say is that if I had to choose only one movie to see this whole year, I would choose this one without hesitation (then I would take it back, and think about picking Star Wars 7 instead, but eventually end up with this one after all because I just love the Avengers so much). It's going to be huge, and I'm very, very excited that it's only one month away!


  1. I have to confess save for one film, I'm going to see all of these (probably on DVD, but still...). Despite their similar plots, I like Nicholas Sparks films just for "feel-good" (well, those that have a happy ending) vibe; 'Adaline' intrigues me, plus the fashion looks fun; I have seen all the "Furious" films and they're entertaining; and of course, I am SO seeing Avengers! It looks EPIC and awesome and all that jazz. Fun roundup, Sarah. :)

    1. Yeah, they all seem like better DVD options than full-priced theater-worthy. The happy ending is helpful for my enjoying Nicholas Sparks. And Age of Adaline really does look neat. I'm hoping it'll turn out as well as it promises! With the great reviews 7 is getting I'm getting motivated to start watching all of them now. Can hardly wait for the Avengers. :D Thanks Rissi!

  2. The Age of Adaline looks kinda neat, I'd not heard of it before! I hope it will have some depth because it could be really good!


    1. It certainly does look promising! I'm trying not to hope too much before I see some reviews, but I keep thinking about a how potentially cool it could be, and it's getting hard. :P

  3. Avengers!!!I'm so excited for it! :D
    Only a few weeks more ^_^

    1. Yes! The wait is almost over -- I think we can make it! :D