Friday, April 17, 2015

New Trailer - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

The first real trailer for Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman movie leaked today, so they went ahead and released it, which it turns out is a fitting way for the film to be introduced to us audience, if anything can be assumed about the film from this trailer:

My assumption? I'm not gonna like it. (That may be an understatement.) Before now, I've held the opinion that it will undoubtedly be a less than good superhero movie, but that it would at least be amusing to watch -- and maybe make fun of. But this trailer killed that idea for me with one thing: Superman is letting people think he is and/or treat him like he's a god!?! What is this?!? Superman is supposed to stand everything that is right and good, and he's going around all stoic-like as people kneel to him? Good. Grief. Forget the inevitable plot holes; forget the millions of innocents that will inevitably die in the chaotic wake of these two heroes; forget the terrible drama and the failed joke attempts; forget the meaningless emptiness that Snyder has perfected and will leave us with once the relentless action ceases; this movie's downfall is right there. I don't need to see the movie anymore -- I already detest it.

On the brighter side, I'm very much over caring one way or another about Ben Affleck's takeover of Batman. If anything, I'm on the positive side about it, but that might just be in comparison with the rest of the impression this trailer left on me. He may not be as cool as Christian Bale, and his costume may be sillier, (that chunky one with the lighted eyes...) but he looks pretty legit, and certainly does have the brood down pat.

I thought there was no way they could have added more to the annoying terribleness that was Man of Steel, but with the first real look at this... this Dawn of Justice, I have to say I've changed my mind.

What are your thoughts on this new trailer? Does it help or hinder your previous opinions of the movie?


  1. This SO feels like DC...brooding, dark, intense. I wish I could tell more about the story from this but they give us nothing. I was already planning on not giving my money to DC anyway, but now I'm positive this movie can wait for a library rental night. XD

    Give me a spirited Marvel movie any day instead.


    1. It does that. But those qualities don't guarantee an good movie unfortunately. That's true, and maybe it'll redeem itself a little bit plot-wise, but I'm with you -- I won't be planning to see this in theaters.

      Absolutely. Also, I'm in the middle of Daredevil right now, and it is incredibly dark, intense, and brooding, (and still spirited!) and it's awesome, so right now Marvel's got everything for me. :P

  2. I'm a huge Batman fan and I think Ben Affleck's Batman looks so god damn awesome.He looks big enough to stand upto Superman and he seems sad enough as well.That line "Do you bleed""You will" it sounded like Batman is going to kick Superman's butt!
    I think kneeling is going a bit too far but I think we are seeing it in trailer we don't know if it is some other context or something.Maybe it would work in the movie.
    I'm really excited for this one.
    And for Age of Ultron!!Less than a week left!! :D

    Neal Kind
    Daily Diaries

    1. Batman is a cool character, and I think this movie won't be the worst rendition of him. I would definitely cheer for him against this Superman. He seems to be the good guy here! That's true, Supes might not be as okay with it in the film as he seems to be in the trailer. That would help. I'm glad you're looking forward to this Neal!

      Yes! I'm so ready for Age of Ultron! :D

      It's probably my fault for not making my stance on this clear, but I don't want profanity in my comment section, so if you could refrain from swearing here in the future I would greatly appreciate it. :)

    2. Umm..sorry if that offended you! :)

    3. It's okay. It's doesn't offend me personally, I just prefer to keep it clean on my blog! Thanks for understanding. :)

    4. Yeah sorry about that again :)
      I try to keep my comments clean too but it was Batman and I just went with the flow.