Saturday, June 1, 2019

Upcoming Movie Roundup - June

Last month, all I saw was Detective Pikachu. It's was a good and fun time (review!). I haven't even gotten to my Netflix show The Rain yet, but I will. I skipped John Wick 3, Aladdin, and so far have skipped Godzilla too, but that just came out so we'll see.

The movie slump seems to be continuing into June. There are a few that look interesting and a few that I feel mildly obliged to see, but there's only one that I'm really excited for. And it's summer now, so that's kind of sad. Does anything look better to y'all than it does to me?

Dark Phoenix
In theaters June 7th; PG-13
Any chance this movie doesn't turn out to be anticlimactic? And now that the characters are destined to be rebooted and recast by Marvel there seems even less reason to be interested. It's a good thing, really. Most of these young actors are very good and extremely wasted on these chopped-up half-roles where they barely even are allowed to act. Since I've seen all the X-Man movies so far, and since I do like the cast, I'll be seeing this, probably even in theaters, but my expectations will be set low.

Katie Says Goodbye
Limited release and streaming June 7th; NR
Very likely to be very heavy on the mature content (the trailer is not appropriate for all audiences, just a warning) but I can't help but be intrigued. The tone is different, the plot seems sincere, and the cast of Olivia Cooke and Christopher Abbott sounds great. So I will keep an eye on it.

Men in Black International
In theaters June 14th; PG-13
Ugh. The trailer looks bad, and I didn't even like Thor Ragnarok, so there's very little appeal to this paring for me. That's all I guess.

The Dead Don't Die
Limited release June 14th; R
The first and only movie this month that I'm extremely excited for, and the only one I'm determined to see ASAP. Adam Driver. BIll Murray. Low-key comedy. Zombies. Sold. Sold, sold, and sold! Some people have been saying it's underwhelming, so maybe I'll wind up disappointed, but it's a risk I just plain HAVE to take because there's no way I'm passing this up.

Being Frank
Limited release June 14th; NR
Logan Miller finds out his dad is leading a double life and has two families. Hijinks ensue. The trailer starts out interesting but the longer it plays and the more it gives away the less it seems to be advertising a good movie... but I still kinda want to find out. I liked Logan in Escape Room earlier this year anyway, and it's a teen comedy -- does it really need to be great to be worth watching? I dunno, maybe.

Toy Story 4
In theaters June 21st; G
This whole thing is such a big, giant, "No thank you" for me that I didn't even want to watch the trailer. Because I won't be seeing it, but who am I to pass my biased "I saw these movies when I was a kid and now they're made for today's kids and that's dumb" opinions on people inclined to enjoy it? So yeah, live and let live. Thanks but no thanks Pixar, I'll wait for Onward.

Limited release June 21st; R
A movie I'm more interested in because of who's involved than out of being convinced by a trailer. The trailer makes it look oddly cheap to me, but it's Luc Besson, so maybe it'll be better than it looks. I did like his last movie, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, and the lead girl here (Sasha Luss) is the same who played the alien princess in that movie via mo-cap. So that's cool. Helen Mirren, Luke Evans, and Cillian Murphy are also here and Cillian and Sasha appear to have a quiet competition going over whose eyes are bluer.

In theaters June 28th; PG-13
In this movie a Beatles fan hits his head and when he wakes up The Beatles don't exist anymore. But he still knows all their songs so he pretends to have written them himself and takes all the credit, throwing him into a classic rom-com trope of getting something good out of a giant lie that you know will eventually come crashing down but it'll be okay because he'll end up with the girl in the end -- and that girl is Lily James, so I'll watch the movie.

Limited release June 28th; PG-13
This is the most frustrating thing I've ever seen? Daisy Ridley as Opheilia. George MacKay as Hamlet. Tom Felton as Laertes. Clive Own as Claudius. Naomi Watts as Gertrude. I would watch this Hamlet adaptation in half a heartbeat. But it's not a Hamlet adaptation, it's a re-imagining. It's everything from Ophelia's perspective. Why? Beats me. I haven't seen all the actual Hamlet adaptations that I'd like to, so I don't want to bother with spin-off type material that likely doesn't include the lines Shakespeare wrote. But I probably will anyway at some point. And I'm sure I'll be disappointed.


  1. You didn't like Thor: Ragnarok? I loved it, and by loved it, I mean it was almost therapeutic for me. I'd seen the travel and was horrified, almost thought it was a fan-made joke. I hadn't planned on seeing it. But after Netflix had it, I watched it. Must have been in the right mood then.

    I just went to see Aladdin with my sisters. I'm not crazy about the animated version, I loved the music and Aladdin himself and that's about all. But I greatly enjoyed the live action, the costumes, the music, the atmosphere. Jafar's pip-squeakiness is of course ludicrous, but I still enjoyed the movie overall, Will Smith's role (I was NOT a genii fan with the animated film) surprisingly pleased me. It's no repeat of the wonder of Cinderella for me, it's not superb, but it's fun, I enjoyed it more overall than Beauty and the Beast (which should've have been superb, but was only so in parts).

    1. No... I see how it can appeal, but I just... don't like all the changes to his character, mostly. And all the comedy that breaks into the drama. That bothers me in MCU movies a lot. Oddly enough I liked the trailer though lol!

      I'm not an original Aladdin super-fan or anything so I'll probably see the live action eventually, just didn't care to shill out for a ticket. Glad it was worth it for you! Cinderella will probably always be my fave live-action remake! It made magic for it's own, instead of just trying to borrow the old magic. ;) If Aladdin is better than Beauty and the Beast then it should be worth a look!

  2. I haven't seen Aladdin either, though I probably will at some point. I want to see Dark Phoenix, even though I won't set my expectations TOO high. Sophie Turner seems like a good actress, and I'm intrigued by the Jean Grey/Phoenix storyline.

    1. Yeah I probably will once it's streaming or something. Too curious to stay away completely! I'm really worried about Dark Phoenix now, but still thinking about seeing it. It'll be the writing that brings it down, as the cast is all-around talented!