Saturday, July 1, 2017

Upcoming Movie Roundup - July

Well -- June was a fantastic month! Firstly Wonder Woman (review!) came and raised the bar for DC superhero films which was lovely and refreshing. Then I got Logan (review!) on Bluray and it made me forget that I was tired of superhero movies by being a superhero movie that felt nothing like a superhero movie. It became my pick for best film of the year, but then lost the spot again a couple weeks later. To Baby Driver (review!), from which I am still rocking and reeling! It was not only the highlight of June as I predicted, but also the highlight of the year. If anything manages to top it, 2017 will be a seriously impressive movie-year.

After Baby Driver, it feels like the summer can finally get started, but now, July is looking almost skimpy. There's two films that I'm definitely interested in, but not much else worth mentioning. First things first: I gotta get another view of Baby Driver taken care of, and then we'll see if anything can turn my head for a significant amount of time!

What's your favorite film of the year so far? And what's in your movie plans for July? I hope you're all having a great summer!

Spider-Man: Homecoming
July 7th; PG-13
Look out, here comes the Spider-Man! We already know that Tom Holland is perfect for Spidey and Peter Parker from Civil War, so up to a certain point, there's no need to worry. Characterization is all but guaranteed to be spot-on, and that is a huge confidence boost. If this flick is anything like the Spidey scenes from Civil War it'll be better than Civil War! And still, I worry. Mostly about the plot, because that is the part that currently looks ambiguous and possibly a bit too generic. And from this trailer, I worry that Tony Stark has too big a role. I'd really hate for him to distract, and I'd really like it if this movie (being only half-Marvel) could distance itself just a tad from the "MARVEL!" genre, which is growing ever-more tired with every rehashing film release. Early reviews are significantly positive, but if you don't mind, I'm gonna be nervous about this one. There's a lot riding on those narrow shoulders, and I want the kid to do a good job!

A Ghost Story
July 7th(limited); R
So this is pretty weird. A romantic drama about a husband who dies and haunts his grieving and unaware wife as a sheet-ghost. Complete with black holes over the eyes and everything. Did I say "pretty weird"? I meant "very extremely weird and actually very creepy, why is this film a romance and not a horror?" Really, the trailer to me is scarier than most horror film trailers. I don't get it. It's an art house type thing, and supposedly is about love and loss and similar abstract, existential things. I guess it gets points for being creative, but as to convincing me to watch it, I'm less likely to go for it now than I was when I didn't know it existed! Still it's so odd I had to mention it.

War for the Planet of the Apes
July 14th; PG-13
I could say that with where the plot of this movie is, the last movie wasn't really necessary, but that's kinda silly because the whole series is pretty unnecessary -- plus I get a feeling that Dawn will be my favorite installment in the end... such as it is. On a technical level these movies are actually interesting and pretty impressive, but that's it. On a story-telling, entertaining level it's laughable how unaware these movies are of their own ridiculousness. It's camp-central. Yet the movies only get more and more serious as their head gets further and further in the sand. A spark of life or even a tiny hint of joy would do wonders, but the bloated, self-important seriousness is obvious, and not even in the same universe as my cup of tea. I suppose these movie were meant for a person who is not me, and to whoever that might be, I'll leave you to it!

July 21st; PG-13
I think this is an excellent story for Christopher Nolan to tell; a true story that his style can add cinematic intensity to. After Interstellar it should be nice for him to be held back a bit by reality. This also looks to be an excellent film to play "Spot that British Actor" with! One of my favorite games. Just from the trailer we have Kenneth Branagh, James D'Arcy, Mark Rylance, Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy. Those I expect will be the easy ones. Also I know Harry Styles is in this, but to be honest I don't know what he looks like enough to recognize him, and I'm thinking maybe I should keep it that way. Anyway, the movie has a lot of hype, it's an interesting story I've never seen before, and there doesn't seem to be much question of whether or not it'll be good. I'm not much worried, and won't be surprised to find myself in a theater in a few weeks watching it! Although, as a girl going to a war movie, maybe I should make myself a t-shirt that says "I'm NOT here for Harry."

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets
July 21st; PG-13
Please tell me -- am I the only one who reads this title as if I'm Nebula from Guardians of the Galaxy? "A City of A THOUSAND PLANETS." It makes it sound super epic. Look, I've said it before, I'll say it in the future, and I'm saying it now -- I'm a sucker for scifi movies. And this movie is definitely a scifi movie. However I must admit that I have no expectation of it actually being a great movie. I'd love to be proved wrong, but for now, it's good enough for me that it's of the genre it is of, plus Dane DeHaan is pretty cool. I very strongly dislike Cara Delevingne though, to put it nicely. But if the movie turns out how I expect, then being irritated by her will be part of the charm. Prediction: visually spectacular; otherwise spectacularly short. If my expectations are correct I will look forward to seeing this -- not in theaters.

The Emoji Movie
July 21st; PG
Haha, just kidding.

Happy July everyone!


  1. TIL you don't know what Harry Styles looks like... SMH ;-P That was my biggest takeaway.

    Dunkirk is a remake, no...? And you should make that shirt, haha.

    I wonder if Spider Man will be the biggest movie of the summer/year (box office)? *shrug* But, not knowing nothing else about it, I was shocked to see that it got 10/10 on the review (the only other reviews I read; but didn't with this yet!).

    Never heard of A Ghost Story, LOL. :-O Again, there's always at least one unknown that you inform me about! :-) (Oh, same for Valerian...)

    Never seen an Apes movie, yet. But they do look amazing, technically.

    Aww, that was cold... As an Emoji Enthusiast, I'm wondering about that one! Is it bad...?

    Favorite movies so far are Baby Driver and Get Out, I guess. Though the latter isn't as original/fresh as B-A-B-Y.

    And my summer will really be great if I get my movie business going this month!!! 8-) Freakin' year after I mentioned it here...

    1. Dunkirk is a real WWII event, so while there's been other movies about it, it's not a direct remake of any of them.

      Of the summer, maybe! I expect Star Wars 8 will out perform it though.

      Well I go looking for them, that's the only reason I know about A Ghost Story now!

      They are that, for sure. And well acted, but poorly written.

      I don't know, but I expect so! :P I didn't have anything to say, so I made a joke instead of excluding it from the list completely.

      Glad to hear you liked Baby Driver! Good luck with your business!

  2. While I do not think it was necessary to reboot Spider-Man, I will eventually see that one because I love Marvel and superhero films. Wonder Woman was good, and yes, is definitely a big step up for DC!

    1. Yeah, it does seem unnecessary, but if they can REALLY nail it, it should be worth it! Looking forward to Tom Holland, at least. Glad you liked WW!

  3. Great picks for July! I'm not overly excited for Spiderman (just a little reboot tire) but every time I see the trailer, I get more and more excited that this will be a big movie for Tom and Zendaya. I hope they finally get the story right this time. I'm mostly anticipating Dunkirk as a new release for July, but I still have some catching up to do with Baby Driver. :D

    1. I feel you, it's gonna have to be really good to win me over, but it's off to a great start with Tom Holland! The trailers look good, so here's to hoping! I wouldn't be surprised if Dunkirk is the best of the month. Enjoy Baby Driver!! :D