Saturday, October 1, 2016

Upcoming Movie Roundup - October

As I predicted, I didn't go to the theater in September. I am still interested to see The Magnificent Seven and Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children though, in spite of the not-fantastic reviews, and Deepwater Horizon a little more than before, because of the not-at-all-bad reviews.

I may not get to the theater again this month, (unless I make a point to go, which I may try) as there are no must-see-in-theater releases, but there certainly are a few very interesting releases that may become must-sees if they turn out as good as they look.

Did you see anything in September? Anything look good to you in October?

The Girl on the Train
Oct 7th; R
I read the book. And I enjoyed it, which was nice since I've been having bad luck with books lately. But after reading it and rewatching the trailer, I have very little interest and very little confidence in this film. Emily Blunt and Haley Bennett are well-cast I think, but otherwise -- even though I love Luke Evans and Rebecca Ferguson -- it's kinda off. Also the film isn't set in England, but NYC, which takes away a LOT of appeal for me. And what's the point of doing that, anyway? Unnecessary changes are indicators of bad adaptations for me. They've also amped up the sexiness a whole lot. So maybe they're trying to increase appeal and tweak it to be more exciting. It is an introverted story, and the book's strongest aspect was the writing style, which can't translate. If it releases to acclaim I'll probably watch it someday, but as of now they've lost me. We'll see if I'm the only one.

The Accountant
Oct 14th; R
This is an excellent trailer. And it looks to be a very unique story, and Ben Affleck is always at his best when he does the trifecta of writing directing and starring, so I'm pretty confident about this film's quality already. Based on the title only I was wondering how exciting it could be, but after watching the trailer, I think it's got that covered too.Very interested to see how this does.

The River Thief
Oct 14th (limited); NR
Ever since I saw Super 8 I've been waiting for Joel Courtney to be in more movies, and finally one has crossed my path. You can't tell much about plot from this trailer, but the write-up makes it out to be interesting and promising. And it certainly has a beautiful look to it which you can see from the trailer -- lots of great shots. In a lot of ways it reminds me of Mud, which is very appealing to me, since that one of favorite films. If it turns out half as good a Mud it'd still be a good movie!

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back
Oct 21st; NR
(I can't find a MPAA rating, but I'm assuming it'll be PG-13.) The first Jack Reacher film didn't impress me much, but right now the sequel's actually looking to be an improvement! Firstly, Tom Cruise doesn't just do sequels for the sake of doing a sequel. The way I heard it he wasn't even interested in a sequel until he had a good idea for one. Then there's the addition of Cobie Smulders who is excellent at being an action heroine. She might be the biggest appeal of this actually. And of course there's the fact that there's no Mission: Impossible film this year, so why not? You gotta have you Tom Cruise action flick fix!

Keeping Up with the Joneses 
Oct 21st; PG-13
I'm gonna go ahead and include this movie since I've watched the trailer twice now, though I'm not very interested in the film. And by "not very interested" I mean "really really not interested almost at all." The most interesting part is Gal Gadot who is cool, and it would be neat to see her play a spy... and comedy for that matter too. The premise is not bad, if typical, and could make for a fun action comedy, but based on the trailer, it's not gonna be of good quality in either the comedy or the action sides.

In a Valley of Violence
Oct 21st; R
I like the look of this movie. The trailer is very simple, exposition-heavy, and not terribly eye-catching, but that is actually what got my attention. It feels classic, like an honest-to-goodness straight-forward western tale of old. Ethan Hawke is the lead, John Travolta is the baddie, and Karen Gillan's there too. Yeah. I'm liking the look of this movie. A lot.


  1. Cool trailers! I really liked the first Jack Reacher. It's great that Tom takes his time with picking his movies and really waits for the right time to make sequels. The Mission Impossible series only seems to get better, so I'm hoping the second Jack Reacher will be even more awesome. :D

    1. Yeah, it was one of his more forgettable movies for me (but still enjoyable of course), and his passion for movies inspires such confidence! I'm really expecting this one to be better, and even if it's the same it'll still be a worthwhile watch!

  2. I'd never heard of Valley of Violence, but I'm quite interested now!

  3. Just saw the full trailer for The Accountant for the first time at Deepwater Horizon (slightly different than the one you posted, it appears)... Wow, looks like could be incredible stuff! :-) (And Anna Kendrick with the "Who are you?" or such, haha)

    Still haven't seen the first Jack Reacher... :-/

    1. Yeah, it's an excellent trailer, and I won't be surprised at all if the film is just as good.

      It's worth a go if you like Tom Cruise actioners!

    2. Re: Tom Cruise... Oh yeah, definitely, just behind on seeing them, like so much other stuff!! :-/ I still haven't seen past the first M:I, haha... More interested in the later ones than 2 or 3, though -- wait, are there 4 or 5 of them...? (Rhetorical, I'll look it up. ;-))

      Collateral was cool; different for Tom. Can't remember if I've seen a reference to you having seen it or not...

    3. M:I 3 is arguably the best. 2 is unarguably the worst. But they do get bigger an more epic every time. I'd put them in priority before Jack Reacher if I were you!

      I haven't seen that, no.

    4. Oh OK, so I guess it's just 2 that I never seemed to be interested in. :-) Thanks.

  4. Definitely interested in "Jack Reacher" because my family really liked the first one. The story might not have been new, but the WAY they told it, was better than most action films (you actually SAW what was going on over being confused during the action scenes - which I understand, is sometimes fine).

    ...Colbie looks to be a great leading lady for this sequel!

    Also, as a girl who loves a mindless popcorn flick, I'll see 'Joneses' at some point. It's just a question of when. :)

    1. True, Tom Cruise really doesn't make bad action movies! But I am holding out hope that this one will be even better.

      Agreed, I'm looking forward to her inclusion!

      I understand -- it's just *that* kind of movie isn't it? ;)

  5. The Accountant looks cool. And Jack Reacher looks fun.
    Nice roundup Sarah. :)

    1. Sadly neither of them have got the kind of reviews I was hoping they would. :/ Thanks! :)