Sunday, May 1, 2016

Upcoming Movie Roundup - May

So I got a big surprise in April when I went to see Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice because I was curious and my brother wanted to see it, and it turned out to be not the most terrible movie ever. I didn't actually hate it but managed to mostly enjoy it and that quite impressed me. But predictably no April movies were able to tempt me to see them. I did think about how much I wanted to see 10 Cloverfield Lane again quite a lot. And I looked for Midnight Special, but it isn't playing in my theater. So now we have come upon it; it's May, and it's time for War. Civil War.

What releases are you looking forward to this month? And are you Team Cap or Team Iron Man?

Captain America: Civil War
May 6th; PG-13
Obviously Captain America is the most hype movie this month... and possibly even this year, but we'll see. I'm not super anxious and excited to see it at this moment because based on what I've heard over the past few months, it's going to be an intense and hard-hitting movie. I feel like it's going to take a lot, and hoping that it gives enough to balance it out. Also, having seen Batman v Superman and Daredevil season 2, I've already had enough of the heroes fighting. So I'm hoping this movie can handle it better, but I'm also pretty confident that it will. Cap is basically the best ever, so I'm excited to see him lead another movie, and hoping the supporting cast won't crowd him too much, but at the same time the supporting cast and all the new characters we'll get to see is a huge part of the appeal. (I have one hyphenated word for you: Spider-Man.) Opening night tickets are already in my possession. All that's left now is to find time for a Winter Soldier re-watch. Go Team Cap!

May 13th (limited); R
This one's rating means that I won't watch it until I can watch it cut, but everything else about it makes me excited for when ever that day will be. This looks like my kind of movie. It's a sci-fi, and looks like an original, cerebral, and dark one too. And that would be good enough for me, but it also has a cast I'm quite partial to, with Tom Hiddleston and Luke Evans, plus Jeremy Irons and Sienna Miller. It currently holds a medium high score on RT... and has my attention fully.

Last Days in the Desert
May 13th (limited); PG-13
I don't really have much to say about this one but I thought it was worth mentioning. I like Ewan McGregor a lot, and Tye Sheridan also has a role, and it's got some good reviews, but it also looks like the kind of movie that could go very weird and theologically wonky. So I'm more curious to see what other people think than I am so see it for myself.

Love & Friendship
May 13th (limited); PG
The new Jane Austen adaptation! A guaranteed success, right? Well, there is a tiny catch: the book, Lady Susan, isn't an average Austen novel. It was one of Austen's earliest works, short, and written in the form of letters. This probably poses a few adaptation challenges to get around, but at least since it's so short they probably won't have to cut much out! I've never read it, but from the trailer it looks like a bright, witty satirical and fun period drama, and it's current %100 on RT backs that up. So -- perhaps it is a guaranteed success!

The Curse of Sleeping Beauty
May 13th (limited); NR
This one caught my attention because I was just thinking the other day how neat it would be if someone did a Sleeping Beauty story with a twist, and that twist should be that she sleeps right into the modern day and is woken up there. This movie has that general idea, but also takes it to plenty more, stranger places... it looks like a bit of a horror flick. It doesn't really look like a very good movie either, like it may not be executed very well. But I thought it's existence was a fun coincidence, and I'd like to keep an eye on how it does.

X-Men: Apocalypse
May 27th; NR
I got tired of X-Men after the last film, but this one has still kindled a surprisingly strong interest in me. Maybe because of how many new characters are coming and looking very promising -- or rather, old characters coming back as kids and therefore being re-cast and revitalized. Maybe because of Oscar Isaac being Apocalypse. Or maybe because the title actually justifies the stakes and scope the movie has to have as an X-Men movie. All X-Men movies seem to deal with the end of the world, but this one deserves to. So maybe that why. Ha, who am I kidding -- it's definitely Oscar Isaac. And the other things as a secondary. I definitely want to see this one, but I don't know when I'll be able to -- it's coming out at an inconvenient time. So I'll see it when I can and until then try not to get my hopes up that it'll be any better than the last one. Equal will do.


  1. I'm Team Cap, definitely. I can't wait for Apocalypse! It's going to cool to see Sophie Turner as Jean Grey and Jean is not an easy character to play.

    1. It's the only way to be. ;) She looks really good for it to me. I'm excited to see Tye Sheridan as Cyclops -- I like his acting. :)

  2. Cool trailers! Team Cap all the way. I finally get to see it tomorrow and as apart of a Captain America/Avengers marathon. Woop woop!

    Love and Friendship looks like fun. It'd be nice to see Kate Beckinsale in more films.

    The Curse of Sleeping Beauty looks interesting, but not sure if it's up my alley. A lot of authors are re-imagining fairy tales, and I'd really love to see some of those books adapted instead.

    Hope you get to see X-Men: Apocalypse. The trailer definitely looks fun but I haven't really been on board with an X-Men movie since First Class. The plots are a little bit of the same to me: Xavier tells Erik to not do the thing, Erik does the thing, mutant politics ensues. lol Maybe in time I'll see the sequels.

    1. Yay, Team Cap! Have fun with that! I'm seeing it tonight too, but no marathon. :)

      Yeah, it looks very sharp, and she's good at that kind of thing.

      I know what you mean. I don't think it's quite up mine either, but it does make me curious.

      Thanks! Yeah, I haven't been able to love them as well as some people for some reason. Yes! That does seem to happen every time! And the politics are not interesting to me. But so far I've enjoyed the movies. :P

  3. I don't want to chose between Team Cap or Team Iron Man. I like my Avengers working as a TEAM! But if I *must* pick, Team Cap, of course. ;)

    Cannot wait to see the new Jane Austen film though I don't think it'll open close to me. Ah, well. At least the DVD release is rumored to be a quick turnaround.

    Always love the X-Men flicks. Because they're good popcorn flick fun. :D

    1. Yeah, me too. I like Cap and Tony, and didn't want to disagree with either of them. But, politics aside, Cap seems like the right choice just because it's his movie. ;)

      Yeah, it's looking good, and should be too terrible if we have to wait for the DVD.

      They really are -- they always seem to be enjoyable and worth a watch even if you're not a devoted fan. :)