Monday, May 11, 2015

New Trailer - Paper Towns

A month or so ago, I saw that this existed -- a trailer for the new John Green teen novel adaptation. I decided not to watch the trailer immediately though, but to read the book first instead, so as to enhance my reading experience by knowing as little about the story as possible beforehand. I'm glad I waited because the trailer kinda gives away some things -- maybe not spoilers exactly but things that took me by surprise in the book. Here it is:

Based on the book, my impression is that it will makes a good movie. It's not as deep and profound as The Fault in Our Stars perhaps, but is certainly as relevant -- if not more -- and has a message that I like better. Casting looks good to me. The only actor I've seen before here is Nat Wolff -- he played Isaac, Gus and Hazel's blind friend in TFIOS, and I think is ideal casting for Q, the hero of Paper Towns.

Margo and Quentin.

It's hard to tell from a trailer about the people I've never watched before, but they do look promising. Of course, the standards set for Margo, the female lead, and pretty unattainably high. It's like trying to cast The Great Jay Gatsby -- even the most esteemed actors (like Leonardo DiCaprio) seem to lack the finesse to play such a character. (Yes John Green, I just compared your Margo Roth Spiegelman to Jay Gatsby -- I hope you would be happy at that!) Cara Delevingne is better known as a model than an actress, but does have a strangely, intensely striking quality to her, so based on that the chances of her living up to the name seem reasonable.

The trailer promises to be a faithful adaptation, with only details left out or changed from the book, much like TFIOS, and that is a big plus, but also completely expected. I do worry a bit that the grittier parts may be left out though. If they succeed with the adapting, and put half as much heart that was put into The Fault in Our Stars movie, or a tenth of the heart Green put in his book, then it should be a movie worth searching out.

What do you think of the trailer? Want to see Paper Towns, or no? Have you read the book? Tell me in the comments!


  1. This movie comes out on my birthday. XD Of course it's not one I'm planning to see. :( I might watch it on DVD though. :)


    1. Aw, too bad it's not one you really want to see! :P I'm hoping it'll be good enough to be worth watching. It was definitely more my kind of book than TFIOS was!

  2. Found your blog through Neal. :) I can't wait for this movie! I know there's a lot of hype circulating around The Fault in Our Stars, but to be honest, I liked this book much better. Cara Delevigne is hilarious and seems great to play Margo. But it's odd about Q. In my head, I'd crossover the worlds of all Green's books, so I guess that won't be working out. :')

    1. Cool, thanks for the follow Jo! And welcome! :) I like this book better too I think. That's good to hear that you like the casting of Margo. I've never seen her in anything before, so I could only judge by her looks. I've never had that problem, but I'm sorry about it for you. Maybe he'll act differently enough that it won't be a problem. :P