Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Marvel's Agent Carter: A Sin to Err

Spoilers throughout.

The third act of the Agent Carter mini-series began last night, and last night, my expectations of the show were fulfilled, with the best episode yet!

This episode was brimming with the stuff I was expecting we would get to see from the very beginning, but we were only teased with, with a couple exciting scenes per ep, and the promise of lots of good drama to come. Well. Here we get practically non-stop action (that isn't a bit too much either, by the way) and are given our due reward for waiting patiently for some real conflict between characters.

I love these two so much...

Plus, the dynamic duo of our heroine Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) and her handy butler-on-loan Edwin Jarvis (James D'Arcy) is back in full swing. They were on a semi hiatus for two weeks, and I missed their cheeky banter dearly, but there's almost enough here to make up for it -- almost. Jarvis even gets to assist Peggy in a fight, and, in my favorite sequence, actually doesn't want to go on one of Peggy's little missions -- the one time Peggy does want him to come -- probably because he knows it would get him two slaps and a shin-kick, but I doubt he knew about the scary little boy! Peggy and Jarvis are always fun and hilarious together, but in a cool turn of events, even the parts that didn't have them working together were interesting, fun and exciting.

We finally have some tangible, hopefully long-lasting baddies to root against, who are working directly against Peggy and the unsuspecting SSR. And then there's the SSR, who antagonize Peggy for a legitimate reason now, since they think she's a traitor, and with good reason. On that note Agent Sousa (Enver Gjokaj) has suddenly become very interesting with his complicated relationship to Peggy, finding out she's a traitor, but still not quite believing it. The scene where he confronts but doesn't shoot Peggy is more insightful into his character than any number of insensitive remarks about his leg could ever be.

This guy is not bad. Neither is he great -- at dealing with crying women.

And, in fact, the same could be said for Thompson (Chad Michael Murray) and his getting punched out by Peggy. It almost annoyed me when he held the gun within her reach, because it's usually a writing trick to help the hero out, but in this situation it was actually in his character; his over-confidence was his downfall. The latter two mentioned men have slowly built up characters that at this point I would say have finally crossed the line into fully developed, interesting characters. Sadly, they kinda left Chief Dooley (Shea Whigham) behind a little bit; he gets plenty of time in this ep, but his character still feels a little forced.

One little thing that made me very happy was Peggy's neighbor Angie's (Lyndsy Fonseca) involvement in the plot. When she helps Peggy out and show off her acting skills at the same time was a great bit. But the best was that she wasn't even slightly angry with Peggy because of her lying to her, something they could have easily gone for, but happily didn't.

What a dame.

There's not much left to say about our stylish and savvy titular heroine that hasn't already been said, but I feel like she needs some extra praise. Even though my personal favorite aspect of the show is Peggy plus Jarvis, it's really Peggy that is the best part of this series. She is sensational; that perfect vintage blend of femininity and strength, smart, sincere and brave; an amazingly engaging character, and I can't wait to see what she does next!

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