Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Matt Smith is Puddleglum (April Fool!)

The continuation/reboot of Narnia seems to have been stalling for quite a while, but is finally picking up speed -- zero to sixty in half a second in my estimation -- by finally beginning to gather a cast for the next installment, The Silver Chair!

One of my favorites of the series, and one that I think would make the best film!

Firstly, since it's been so long since The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Will Poulter, who played Eustace, has gotten too old, so, sadly, they have to recast the character. I thought Poulter was a fantastic Eustace, so the thought of anyone else playing him is mostly disappointing to me, but they allegedly have the list down to three guys and they look somewhat like a capable bunch: Gulliver McGrath, who is Australian, not English, and Tom Holland and Charlie Rowe who look rather too nice to be Eustace. I'll be interested to see what comes of that.

But as interesting as any casting for new Narnia movies may be, this post is for one particular piece of casting that has me so excited I hardly even care about anything else: Matt Smith (the Eleventh Doctor) is set to play Puddleglum!

The fandom world erupts into thunderous approval!

This is awesome for two main reasons. One: Matt Smith is awesome himself, and everything he does is awesome, so of course this is awesome. But two: the best reason, and why this news makes just want go full crazy fangirl everywhere is that he, by doing this, is following in the footsteps of his Doctor Who predecessor, the Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker, who played Puddleglum in the 1990 BBC adaptation! I imagine it was an unintentional winking reference, but it doesn't make any less cool. I guess the character is suited to Doctor types.

Hehe, I do think Smith will be significantly more awesome in the role -- sorry Four!

And even though Matt Smith isn't naturally as, well, glum as Puddleglum, I think he will pull it off brilliantly and hilariously. His lanky build and strange, long face are perfect for a Marsh-wiggle.

What do you think of this news? Which Eustace do you think will land the part? And is not Matt Smith the absolute best, awesomest and the only choice for the next Puddleglum?

[Update: April Fool! On all counts except the sentiment, and The Silver Chair has been announced as the next Narnia film. Though, I haven't seen any of the "Eustaces" act, but I did spend a lot of time finding British actors (except Gulliver, who's face was just too good to pass up) who were a good age and looked the part. And, I would absolutely adore Matt Smith as Puddleglum. Please? If anyone who ever has any kind of authority in casting The Silver Chair is reading this -- take note. No credit needed.]


  1. I like the first guy in the pictures.

    Ok. I'm calm. Not really. I love Matt Smith. And Puddleglum. This makes me happy.:D

    1. Well then, I hope you're not too disappointed when I say "April Fools!" Sorry, I guess I was a little too convincing. :P I want this to happen SO BAD though. It NEEDS to happen! It would be beyond perfection.

  2. Where did you hear this news?! Please say this isn't an April Fool's Day joke! You have no idea how much I would LOVE to have Puddleglum played by either David Tennant or Matt Smith! They're awesome and it would confirm my opinion that Puddleglum is a secret Time Lord!

    1. Hehehe... Sorry. :D It would be so brilliant though... I think I may have just disappointed myself thinking about how amazing it would be. And David Tennant would be great too. If only, if only...