Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Upcoming Movie Roundup -- January

Happy new year everyone! Last month I didn't see anything besides the one movie I couldn't not see -- The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug -- and that one I saw twice. Saving Mr. Banks is patiently awaiting it's turn, which it should get eventually since it's living up to my predictions, and surprisingly my interest in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty has grown slightly due to reading a few reviews praising it for being better than expected.

In the first month of 2014, there's no must-sees like the Hobbit, so if I do get to the theater it'll be more likely for a re-watch of Catching Fire, or to see Frozen, which I am increasingly desperate to see, than for anything like, oh, say, The Legend of Hercules. Yeah right. In fact only three new films have actually hit my radar so far.

The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box
Jan 10th (Limited); PG
This one's rather obscure, but it managed to catch my attention. Firstly, by having the word "adventurer" in the title, and then by being set in the late 1800's. I wouldn't assume it'd turn out to be a great film, or even a good one, but it's exactly the kind of not-great movie I'd like. (Or at least it has the formula for it.) A little research informed me that it's based on a book -- "Mariah Mundi and the Midas Box" (first of three in a series) by G. P. Taylor, whom I have attempted to read before with "The Shadowmancer" but couldn't get into it. But since the Mariah Mundi series is more for kids, and more action-packed, they seem like a great way to give the author another go. So while the film is still interesting, I must say it's mostly just made me interested in the books. If you've read them, I'd love to hear your opinion of them!

I, Frankenstein
Jan 14th; PG-13
This is a similar case as above. I don't expect it to be good (in fact I'd be very surprised if it was) but it does have it's draws. Aaron Eckhart as the lead, for one, and, now since I've recently started (and nearly finished) watching Chuck I see the appeal of Yvonne Strahovski, absolutely. Plus Bill Nighy, and Miranda Otto. The plot, of course, doesn't appear to have anything to do with anything that has anything to do with Frankenstein, except the name (given to the monster instead of the creator), and the stitching. I'm reminded very much of Priest, that super awful and cheesy vampire movie also based on a graphic novel. It was made horrendously, but I enjoyed it, mostly because of Paul Bettany and Karl Urban, and enjoyed laughing at it. If this turns out similarly, I might be very annoyed, because it might make me want to see it.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
Jan 17th; PG-13
The reboot of Jack Ryan starring Chris Pine! Obviously, this won't be the greatest action flick of all-time or anything, but it certainly looks prepared to deliver some shiny, exciting, and implausible thrills, and that sounds good by me, especially with Pine at the lead, and Kenneth Branagh both directing and making an appearance with a Russian accent as the generic, but fun-looking bad guy. Kevin Costner and Keira Knightly round out the cast, and, even though I am not at all a fan of either of them, I am prepared to give them a chance for the sake of what should be an amusing escapade into the slick land of Action-Adventure. And who knows -- maybe it'll exceed my expectations.

What films do you have your eye on for the beginning of 2014?


  1. I didn't know Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit was directed by Kenneth Branagh! You're making me want to see it! :)

    1. Yeah, Branagh directing is one of the main draws for me too! Hopefully it'll turn out to be worth seeing. :)

  2. The 'Adventurer' movie looks really quite interesting. Good time period and some interesting faces. I loved Aneurin Barnard in The White Queen, I'm glad he's getting recognized.

    1. It really does doesn't it? One of my favorite time periods, and, none of my favorite actors, but still some good ones. I haven't seen Barnard in anything before, but I'd like to -- I've heard he's good.