Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cheerful Weather for the Wedding

It's 1937, and in the upstairs of a picturesque British home a young bride named Dolly (Felicity Jones) is preparing for her wedding and swigging from a rum bottle. Downstairs, Dolly's family and friends mingle and wait for her to come down, among them, an out-of-place young man named Joseph. (Luke Treadaway) He doesn't know really why he's there. You see, he's not sure, but he might think he should be the one to marry Dolly today. But uncertainty has always been against him, and "time and tide waits for no man" -- he may be too late. But Dolly invited him, so he waits for a chance to speak to her, to understand her, and hopefully himself, and resolve their haunting past.

"Remember; this is the happiest day of your life!"

This was a lovely little movie. Leisurely. Very leisurely, but with an undertone of urgency as we wait with the characters, hoping everything will soon become clear. While we wait we are treated to the dysfunctional group's comical quirks and idiosyncrasies by a talented supporting cast with many recognizable faces. Elizabeth McGovern is the controlling mother of the bride; Fenella Woolgar and Mackenzie Crook are a feuding couple with a rambunctious boy who loves to blow things up. Dolly's tomboy sister Kitty complains about men while her fashionable friend works hard to maintain her grace and composure in the awkward situation. Occasionally, the family-reunion-we-can-all-identify-with narrative takes a little break and sends us back in time a year or so to an idealistic, golden-hued summer and reveals more of Dolly and Joseph's past, and slowly, the pieces fall into place.

Dolly and Joseph rowing through the past.

There's nothing to surprise in the plot though. In fact, it's downright predictable. And it doesn't try to be anything else. Enjoyment in this movie comes from the detailed, understated acting, featured mainly in Treadaway, Jones and McGovern, but not lacking in anyone; each little character is well developed, flawed, but sympathetic in their way. Or from the laid-back, true-to-life, thought-provoking script, that adds comedy and unique realism to a situation that could easily wander into tedious mellow-drama. Or even from the elegant filming style, and equally elegant and gorgeous costumes. If "Cheerful Weather for the Wedding" is one thing, it's beautiful to look at. If you take the title literally, you may be disappointed -- this is very much a lightly thoughtful, extremely artistic, small Indie dramady. It's unlikely to be really appreciated by many, but there is by no means nothing to appreciate.


  1. Hello Sarah,

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    I'm glad to come across your blog, I get my bucket list movie to watch.... Well, I have no idea about this one, I've never heard before and thank for sharing.

    anyway, The Princess Bride is one of my favorites.


    1. Hello, thanks for following me back Delvalina! Lizzie recommended your blog to me. :) This is a pretty small, unknown movie. The Princess Bride is one of my favorite movies too!